Friday, July 20, 2012

WiFiLine 1.0.5 has been released

I'm glad to inform you that WiFiLine 1.0.5 has been just released. Two main features of the new version are:
  • compass support;
  • SVG metadata support;
The first one means that WiFiLine will show North/South directions in existing maps (format 1.1) as semitransparent blue and red segments within the circle denoting current user location. In new maps (as they'll be updated up to introduced format 1.2) it will show user heading as semitransparent green segment, which direction corresponds to a sector visible to user. This is possible due to a new optional attribute in maps 1.2 - they allow you to specify azimuth for every floor plan. Please, see specifications for details.

I must say, that digital compasses in modern mobile devices do not work always as expected and can sometimes produce strange output without special preparations (calibration). I'll cover this issue in one of next blogposts.

As for metadata, it allows for binding map objects with categories and keywords in more compact way, than it was possible before by means of inplace title and desc SVG tags (though they are still supported, of course). The new feature utilizes metadata SVG tag. This improvement will allow index large text bases, which are to come in future maps, for example, in the Mitino map. You may find more info about metadata at the WiFiLine specifications page.

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