Monday, July 16, 2012

New map is added to WiFiLine map base

The map base was updated today to include a new map. The name of the map is "Mitino Preview", and as its name implies, the map shows Radio Market in Mitino (Moscow). It is marked as "preview", because it's not finished yet. The map includes 4 floor plans, and WiFi data for 3 floors - 1-st, 2-nd, and 3-rd, while ground floor was not yet processed. Also, there is no meta-data about objects on the map (so, searching will not work), all these will be added lately. The map is still work in progress, but I decided to publish this preview just to give an example of not so trivial building, where it's very easy to get lost, and let you evaluate navigation.

As you may see, the building demonstrates unusual architecture of triangular shape, many repetitions of similar structures, and it's big. You may often see visitors searching their way in there. Currently, the Market provides a printed booklet with floor plans, but as it is not dynamically updated as you move, it becomes useless as soon as you forget where you came from.

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