Sunday, July 17, 2016

Smart glasses evolution is too slow

Back in 2014 I attended Android developer's conference in Moscow, and then published an overview here in the blog. One of the interesting things presented there was Epson smart glasses Moverio BT-200. Today, in 2016, Epson has announced the next generation of the smart glasses - Moverio BT-300 and started collecting pre-orders for it (unfortunately, only in US!).

I do not have the device yet, I only have read the specs. But here is my thoughts.

Most valuable improvement for me is HD display. The former one was too rude for eyes. The controller box is reduced in size, but it's still there, and I don't know why (read my first post for an explanation of my point of view). They added a camera, which is good, but the camera is only one, which is bad. It would be natural for such device to have 2 cameras for (1) streaming stereo vision from one device to another, (2) 3D recording, (3) 3D macro view and (4) 3D telescope view modes. I know they have stereo camera in their industrial smart headset. But I think this is a must have feature for home users as well.

To recap, they do evolve step by step, but I'd like to get smart glasses with more features, more light-weight and convenient. And I know it's doable on Android right now.