Monday, July 23, 2012

Navigation map for Radio market in Mitino: search and find your way

A new map of Mitino radio market is added to WiFiLine base. It allows you to search shops and get shortest paths to what you find. Information about the shops matches the official catalog from July and includes all categories of goods. Navigation is supported on the floors 1, 2, and 3. Ground floor is not yet scanned for WiFi signals, so it is not searchable so far.

Please, note, that paths to map objects are created if a user current location is detected, otherwise only found objects are highlighted on the map.

While working with the radio market map, search results can contains 50 and more elements for some categories and keywords. Please be cautious in such situation, because pressing the button "Show on Map" will require some time to be processed. This button creates an optimal way through all found objects. Next version of WiFiLine will optimize this process. Until then you may view a way to a specific shop by touching it in the result list, or just wait a bit while entire path is created - this can take up to 20 seconds in worst cases.

All maps in the base have been upgraded to the format 1.2 and include azimuth information for each floor plan. This means that the built-in compass will show an orientation of user's device against current floor instead of directions to the North and South. The orientation is shown as a green sector inside user location circle, the sector mimics the user's viewing direction.

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