Friday, July 6, 2012

Map base for WiFiLine

For those who intend to try WiFiLine, I need to make a note about current state of WiFiLine map base. In fact it contains only one map so far ;-), a map of a public place, so it can be checked by Moscow visitors. Anyway, you can download the application just to find out how it looks like, and grasp what it could offer if more maps would be available.

After the initial intensive developement phase passed, I plan to add more maps for Moscow places. But the idea is that as far as WiFiLine is based on open standards and provides the tool for map creation a community can participate in extending the map base, for sites all over the world. Currently the map base is only searchable through the application. Once the number of maps enlarges, I think to add a dedicated page on WiFiLine site for the maps lookup. Until then new maps will be announced here in the blog.

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