Sunday, July 15, 2012

One tip to export WiFi data from Editor

Today I post the first tip for WiFiLine Editor. This small portion of information is a supplement for the program documentation, and can be treated as a part of the documentation itself. Some other tips which I plan to share, can be tricks in a sense, that they provide a temporary method for doing something. The today's tip is not a trick, I'm sure it will work in all future versions of WiFiLine Editor.

Let us see at the Export tab of the WiFi data inspection screen.

After you have scanned some place you should save obtained WiFi data by pressing the Export button. If the editbox above the button remains empty, this will save data in the application's internal storage (overwriting existing map data, if any).

In a case you want to export the data to other program (for example, to edit the XML-file) or submit to WiFiLine server, you should enter a filename and path into the editbox. This can be inconvenient for long paths. To simplify the process there is a built-in filesystem browser. To open it - just make a long touch on the editbox. The browser is almost the same you use for loading map templates into WiFiLine Editor, but it provides the New button, allowing you to enter a name of a new file to be created in a selected folder.

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