Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New map visualization feature is available in version 1.1.2

New version 1.1.2 of WiFiLine has been just released. It introduces new map visualization. In the Location mode, a map can now automatically rotate according to user's "view" direction. This makes it easier for user to take his or her bearing, but may create some difficulties in reading labels on the map.

New feature can be enabled in the context menu of the main screen. By default it's disabled, and maps are shown in the standard way: floorplan is static, and user's current bearing is indicated by a green sector inside the compass. When the feature is enabled, there is no a green sector in the compass, because user's "viewing direction" is always forward (up on the screen), and the compass shows only blue and red sectors for the North and the South.

The rotation of a map is performed around the point of user's current location. If current location is unknown (which is possible if navigation was not started, or the algorithm failed due to incomplete or irrelevant WiFi data), map remains static in its default orientation.

In other modes - Scan and Edit, Hotspot signals - the new visualization made intentionally unavailable, otherwise it would be hard for user to edit and analyze the map.

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