Thursday, January 15, 2015

More details about future version of WiFiLine: part III

From the very beginning WiFiLine has been using fullscreen mode in the main window. This was a feature added to maximize visible area of a map - you know, mobile screens are small and it's hard to fit navigation tips and context in the limited space.

New WiFiLine makes the fullscreen mode even more "fully screened" ;-). Latest Android version starting from KitKat (4.4) allows applications to hide the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This is a horizontal bar with 3 buttons - back, home, and recents. It takes a lot of space and it's almost empty itself. WiFiLine utilizes this space for maps. Look at the screenshot below - there is no the navigation bar.

Of course, you can temporary restore the status bar and navigation bar by a swipe gesture from top of the screen. This is a built-in Android feature. It will show semitransparent overlays of the status bar and the navigation bar on top of the WiFiLine window. They will be hidden again by timeout.

But if you don't like the fullscreen mode, WiFiLine allows you to switch it off now. There is an option in the context menu of the main window.

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