Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More details about future version of WiFiLine: part II

Main idea behind the new version of WiFiLine is to provide better usability. It comprises many things, and user iterface counts in the first place. New look and feel of the app is supposed to be more logical than before.

As you already know, quick and easy swipe gesture from the left edge of the screen opens now the panel with settings, that includes an option to select one of three supported modes: navigation, scan and edit, and hotspot signals density.

But there is more for swiping in the app. At every moment a swipe from the right edge of the screen opens additional panel with appropriate content (don't worry - the panels do not interfere with each other - if a user swipes out a panel from the right, the left side panel is pulled in, and vise versa - if a user swipes from the left, the right side panel is pulled in).

The content of the right side panel depends from currently selected mode. For example, in the Scan and Edit mode the panel shows a list of points with measurements. And in the hotspot signals density mode, the panel shows a list of hotspots. And even more - if a map consists of several floors, by default the panels show partial lists of points or hotspots that belong to the current floor only. You may click Show all button to get entire listing. When you zoom in the map the list of points is restricted even more to contain only points from currently visible area.

You may wonder what will be shown in the right panel while in the navigation mode. I'll let you to guess, and give the answer in future posts. Stay tuned.

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