Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WiFiLine 1.0.18 is released

Changes in this version:

  • Location quality is improved (if you experience some problems please let me know).
  • New in-motion scanning mode is added. It's enabled when number of scans is selected as 1. In this mode first touch of the screen starts "endless" scanning until the second touch. In this timeframe a user should walk with a constant speed along a straight line. The app will place all received measurements on the map as points on the straight line between starting and ending points, with respect to their time marks.
  • New function for generating subscans is added into the map inspector. It's primarily intended for the maps created in in-motion mode. In this mode map contains a single measurement in a point. The new function allows you to generate additional measurements for every point - they are taken from neignboring points with a predefined radius. The purpose is to form more smooth signal distribution on the map.
  • New option to select the size of neighborhood is added into the settings. While scanning this is a radius in meters for additional signals generation (described above), while in location mode this is a maximal allowed change of user location in points. If a newly detected location is outside the radius, actual new location is chosen at next point on the path to the ambiguous location, which is too far from current point to be likely.
  • In the location mode the app invokes all algorithms one by one, and displays 3 yellow marks on the map with results of every of them. This allows you to estimate how different algorithms behave themselves under different conditions. Current user location is displayed as before, according to selected algorithm. In order to make neural network showing among these additional marks, it should be initialized. This is done when neural network is selected as preferred algorithm. After this one can switch back to any other algorithm.
  • Compass is fixed.

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