Thursday, August 2, 2012

Searching for map objects and user location

As you may know, WiFiLine allows you to search for map objects by their visible names, descriptions, and categories. Normally you can start a search from the context menu. Yet, there is another easy way to do this, if your device provides a hardware search button: just press the button, and you'll get into the Search screen directly, bypassing the context menu.

It is important, that showing found objects on map does temporary disable location searching (if it was enabled, as it is by default). This is done, because the found highlighted objects can occur in different parts of the map and even on different floors. A user may want to discover and explore all the objects without interference of location algorithm, which always scrolls the map (and switches floors if necessary) to make current user location visible.

At any time after examination of found objects on the map you may resume location process by single tap on the map.

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