Thursday, September 22, 2016

Droidcon Moscow 2016

Today, on September 22-nd 2016, the 3-rd Droidcon conference was help in Moscow. This is a great opportunity for russian developers to get acquainted with latest Android trends and technologies, especially taking into account that Google I/O has its residence at other side of the Earth. ;-)

Of course Android 7.0 was presented as a new target for development, as well as many other topics, including usability, testing and even piracy on mobile market. Two sections were dedicated to VR and IoT. Although these terms are well established, and some products such as Google Cadrboard are very popular, they are seemingly still waiting for greater adoption and maturity. At least, I'm not impressed neither by next generation VR headset Daydream, nor by smartness and value of connected "things". The former looks too large for me and lacks natural human-computer interface (it still utilizes old plain extended manual control, obviously called "controller"), the latters are no more than toys at the moment (imho). I must admit that I did not see or test Daydream in real life, so my impressions are based solely on discrepancies between what I wanted and what I can get according to available information. Anyway, it's good to know about the work in progress, and I'm eagerly anticipating next releases.

Unfortunately this time there was no a hardware exhibition as a part of the event, so the only things that could be touched by hands and twiddled with came with speakers and were few.

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