Friday, March 6, 2015

New WiFiLine version has been released

New version of WiFiLine - 1.1.3 - has been just released. The main changes are:

  • debug marks with current user position(s) detected by all built-in algorithms are now optional and disabled by default; in order to enable the marks, one should enter "debug:on" in the processing command line (described some time ago in the blog); "debug:off" disables the marks;
  • the naive multiplier algorithm has been changed a bit, but it's still an experimental thing;
According to latest tests in fields, recommended methods are extended fingerprint and synthetic probability again, as they were before. Position accuracy is 10 meters. I plan to shed some light on the probabilistic method in a future. As for neural network, it requires manual finetuning of input data to get best results. For example, it could be worth removing some non-discriminative hotspots from the map.

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