Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some information from behind the scenes

It was a while ago when the last WiFiLine event took place, so I decided to post some pieces of information regarding what's happenning behind the scenes. Part of it is a work in progress, and another part is just ideas so far.

In short, there is the following list of features to spot:
  • neural networks for better positionning;
  • easy way of scanning places by walking in straight lines;
  • map rotation according to user's current bearing;
  • a kind of "augmented reality" with photos and videos;
Though I have some background in neural networks, their application for navigation is new to me, so this is a kind of research work. It already passes some tests, but does not yet work in the field.

Other directions look more predictable but may require a lot of routine work.

There are yet another points in my "to do" list, but they are "secret" ;-), because they are both promising and tricky at the same time (that is they may or may not bring a value), so I don't want to deceive anyone.

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